Students support these brands and their political transparency. 


There are lots of benefits to hiring an apprentice. Here, we provide you with four tips on how to find a good fit for your company.


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How a responsible corporate culture can create happy customers, engaged employees and blossoming balance sheets.


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2015-11-27 breaks down the implications that the introduction of the apprenticeships levy will have for business in their student recruitment efforts.


Tomorrow's Engineers Week calls for employers, organisations and educators across the country to join forces to host engaging activities that showcase real engineers and real engineering. joins the movement to bring the industry alive for young people.

2015-07-27 has been able to establish the best way in which recruiters can be more strategic in their marketing plans in order to differentiate themselves and attract the best candidates to their apprenticeship opportunities.


Today marks National Women in Engineering Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the achievements of women in the engineering trade.


Graduates are reporting that they're finding it difficult to make a careers choice after leaving university based on a lack of resources available to them.

While exciting, it’s also a daunting time of the year for students who have just penned their final university exam and handed in their dissertation. Despite the realisation that McDonalds will no longer be able to provide them with a free cheeseburger once their NUS card expires, and the inescapable fact that the bank of mum and dad is likely to soon come to a close, it’s also a time for graduates to start questioning what they want to do in life.