University of New Brunswick

University of New Brunswick asked ISAS to assist them in their international student recruitment strategy.


“We have found International Student Admissions Service (ISAS) to be very helpful in generating a large number of viable prospective students. The admissions team in Ecuador have been very professional and pleasant to work with. Any changes or updates to our microsite have been very easy to make. Our recruitment team appreciate having access to the CRM, where they can follow prospective students through the funnel targeting their communications accordingly.  Overall our targeted number of leads has been exceeded and we are seeing those leads turn into applications for our fall cycle.”

- Christopher Beardsworth, Director of International Recruitment Centre at University of New Brunswick


ISAS was asked to propose a targeted strategy focusing on student recruitment from the Latin America region having already successfully worked with the University of New Brunswick for an earlier, worldwide campaign.

Although ISAS are experts in international student recruitment marketing and communications across the globe, its admissions centre is based in Ecuador which allows it to have additional in-depth knowledge of the international education landscape across Latin America.


Targeted recruitment activity to increase enrolment from a specific territory is always more effective when a communications and marketing plan is coordinated with efficient, ‘best practice’ enquiry handling.

To ensure that a regional marketing plan achieves the best possible traction and drives the required levels of interest and enquiries it is essential that the communication style and channels are most appropriate for a given target audience. A thorough understanding of the target market, therefore, which includes language, tone, methodology and which channels are most effective are all crucial components of the relative success or failure of a recruitment marketing plan.

ISAS brought all the above and more to bear and coupled it with our tried and tested implementation structure (details subject to client privacy).


The digital and screening activity undertaken for the University of New Brunswick generated 2,344 international student enquiries to date, leading to:

  • 362 qualified student prospects delivered  (to date)
  • 34 applicants in process currently

The University of New Brunswick has decided to book their next campaign with ISAS for 2017/2018.