University of Mount Union

University of Mount Union required ISAS to deliver qualified international student enquiries to their admissions team through a student call-screening solution. 


“For a small institution like Mount Union, we have found the services of the International Student Admissions Service (ISAS) to be very supportive to our operation. Not only do we get qualified prospective students coming through ISAS, but the team does a fantastic job of following up with those students to answer their questions and help them with the application process. As an institution, it is refreshing to work with a model like this where you are not just being fed leads to follow up with on your own. The ISAS admissions team is amazing; they are professional, courteous and responsive to both us as an institution, and to the prospective students. I look forward to working with this company in the future."

- Kimberly Hajec, Director of International Admission of University of Mount Union


University of Mount Union wished to build on their historic base of international students. The university therefore tasked International Student Admissions Service (ISAS) to help them generate additional student enquires worldwide, as well as maintain and grow the diversity of their Bachelors programs.

The campaign required that all generated enquiries were call-screened by ISAS’s admissions team before being delivered to the University of Mount Union admission team. This was to ensure that all potential students they engaged with already met the entry criteria to study at their institution, such as the required level of education, funding status and visa eligibility.

The agreed time period to deliver the activity was 12 months.


ISAS created a custom-built microsite with a bespoke enquiry form for the University of Mount Union on its international education websites, including StudyOverseas.com. To drive visits to the microsite and boost enquiries, ISAS regularly engaged with its international student database through email campaigns and further digital marketing activity.

Designated Admissions Advisers from amongst the overall 54 members of the ISAS Admission Centre, which is based in Ecuador, conducted the call-screening task. Having the admissions centre located in Ecuador allows ISAS to be available to 90% of time zones during the working day. In addition, the team are fluent in a collective of eleven different languages (which allowed every generated enquiry to be communicated with effectively and quickly.)

If a student was informed that they were not eligible to apply, the team of ISAS advisors handled this with sensitivity and ensured that the University of Mount Union brand was protected and presented in a positive light.


ISAS delivered significantly more to the University of Mount Union than the contract agreement of 100 guaranteed qualified student prospects, including:

  • 326 qualified student prospects (from 450 international student enquiries in total)
  • 8 pre-applicants
  • 3 applicants
  • 6 admitted students
  • 1 enrolled student (during the measured period).

The University of Mount Union has subsequently repeated an enhanced campaign with ISAS for 2017 - 2018 as a result of the success of this first campaign.