Texas State University

Texas State University approached International Student Admissions Service (ISAS) to help it increase its international student body in targeted regions of Latin America.

What the client thought:

"The leadership of the International Student Admissions Service (ISAS) admissions team is exceptional and the talented multilingual global staff is a major asset to Texas State university international engagement work. The team had an impressive knowledge of our institution and had thoughtful questions when we met at the Guayaquil offices.

They knew the Texas State university traditions, top programs, requirements, and reflected this information back to me as well as any staff recruiter would do.

They also shared the Texas State’s enthusiasm for international education and understood our desire to attract students that were the right fit for Texas State. The entire team really understands Texas State University and how we want to be more globally engaged including institutional partnerships, student mobility, and how we present our brand to specific regions of the world.

The guidance counselor fair they organized was really remarkable - professionally produced but had all the opportunities to engage guidance counselors over breakfast. Everything was seamless and the overall response rate was beyond our expectations.

We have gotten so many excellent leads and are now working with these students to submit applications for spring and fall. The students that are pre-screened already have an excellent understanding of Texas State and for this we are grateful. Thanks ISAS for your expertise and for being such a great partner."

- Ryan Buck, Associate Vice President of International Relations at Texas State University



Texas State University offers 97 bachelors, 88 masters and 12 doctoral degree programs to choose from to its 37,979 students. As an Emerging Research University, Texas State offers opportunities for discovery and innovation to faculty and students.

Its students come from across the globe, with a diverse student body.



In 2016, Texas State University approached International Student Admissions Service (ISAS) to help it increase its international student body in targeted regions of Latin America.

A partnership was formed to meet the following objectives:

  • Increase the reputation and recognition of Texas State University to high schools, universities and government agencies who provide scholarships to students in Ecuador
  • Drive awareness of Texas State University to prospective Latin American students and their families



The first step was for ISAS to create a database of contacts from target bi-lingual, co-educational and private high schools and universities with International Baccalaureate programs as part of a B2B marketing strategy. This would provide Texas State University with all the vital details it needed to build relationships with these institutions itself and promote its courses to a new audience.

The second part of the strategy was to implement an integrated marketing plan with the key focus on student attraction. ISAS’s marketing experts carried out the following activity:

  • 18 email campaigns were distributed to the target audiences that Texas State University wanted to engage with
  • ISAS arranged for Texas State to deliver a presentation to students within four high schools across Ecuador
  • Posters & fliers were distributed to the students that attended the presentations


Results & benefits:

The results that were driven by ISAS considerably exceeded Texas State University's expectations and so additional activity was added to the original contract. This included:

  • A further five email campaigns being distributed to students in Ecuador
  • A Breakfast Meeting being organised by ISAS on behalf the university to enable it to reach and network with a greater amount of target schools

This activity delivered to Texas State University’s admissions team:

  • 446 qualified prospects according to the university’s criteria
  • 3 Applications
  • 7 pre-applicant students