SUNY Oneonta

SUNY Oneonta wanted to increase and diversify its international student body as part of its five year strategic plan.


SUNY Oneonta is a public college located in central New York. The institution enrols 6,000 students in 70 undergraduate majors and 15 graduate programs.



SUNY Oneonta wanted to increase and diversify its international student body as part of its five year strategic plan. The college identified that it required the help of a student recruitment marketing specialist in order to meet this objective.

After a robust selection process, International Student Admissions Service (ISAS) was appointed to create and implement an international student recruitment marketing solution for the college.



International University Profiles

In accordance with their academic and financial requirements, ISAS established that creating bespoke university profiles would maximise SUNY Oneonta’s appeal to a diverse pool of international students.

The marketing team therefore produced profiles for SUNY Oneonta across its international education platforms, including Studyoverseas.com, internationalgraduate.net and ISASonline.org. Within each of Oneonta’s profiles, ISAS created and hosted a digital viewbook, video content and international student profiles.

The profile enabled prospective international students to receive a dynamic and visual representation of the institution, which helped mitigate the issue of not being able to physically visit the college prior to application.

International Student Admissions Service

ISAS’s fully qualified international student admissions team (based in Ecuador and operating in Eastern Standard Time) responded to all suitable student enquiries with a telephone assessment to further determine their eligibility for Oneonta. Qualified student prospects were then processed through the ISAS purpose-built student recruitment CRM and submitted to Oneonta’s admissions staff.

Targeted Email Marketing

To support its promotional efforts, ISAS scheduled an email marketing campaign to be delivered to students within its international student database who matched the criteria that SUNY Oneonta was targeting. The email highlighted the broad range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses available at the college.



Over the course of 2015, ISAS's website and email activity delivered a total of 2,448 views from potential students across 84 different countries.

Further, the combined activity has generated a total of 194 enquiries from prospective students through the International Student Admissions Service, creating 63 qualified prospects for SUNY Oneota.  

Following the success of the marketing activity, SUNY Oneonta rebooked their campaign for 2016.