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IMI - International Management Institution

IMI - International Management Institute was looking to increase its awareness of its management and hospitality postgraduate programmes, and increase enquiries from international students.

IMI - International Management Institute


IMI - International Management Institute is a private international management institute specialising in international hospitality courses at undergraduate and master’s level.



IMI - International Management Institute was looking to amplify the visibility of its management and hospitality postgraduate programmes and increase inbound enquires from international students. IMI approached International Student Admissions Service (ISAS) to develop and produce a bespoke marketing solution to meet this challenge.



International University Profiles and International Student Admissions Service:

ISAS determined that creating tailored university profiles across each of its education websites would expose IMI to a larger group of international students and allow the university to position itself at the centre of a hub of international student enquiries. The greater exposure to a targeted student audience would prompt an increase of visits to the IMI website from undergraduate and postgraduate students making enquiries through its International Student Admissions Service (ISAS).

Accordingly, the marketing team produced university profiles for IMI across six of its websites, including and, as well as a univerrsity profile for IMI to promote MBA programmes on the portal.

Targeted Email Marketing:

To further promote the range of programmes available at IMI, a targeted email marketing campaign was distributed to students within ISAS's international student database that matched the university’s criteria.

A digital display advertising campaign was created to increase the online presence of IMI and further boost its profile within the international student community.



The website, email and digital display efforts engaged with a total of 64,708 students over a dynamic 6 month campaign.

The activity also produced 709 ‘click-throughs’ from international students to the IMI website, and delivered 140 unique enquiries and completed contact forms from prospective students to the institute.