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EBC Hochschule: University of Applied Sciences

EBC Hochschule required support for driving high-quality international student enquiries to their instituion. The university tasked ISAS to carry out an enquiry generation and screening service. 


We are a small university and as such we cannot afford a large recruitment team. International Student Admissions Service (ISAS) offers a really valuable and appreciated service for prospect generation and more importantly, prospect qualification. This saves time and money, and most significantly, we can pro-actively engage with quality prospective students. The ISAS team, on all levels, have been utterly helpful and easy to work with."

- Jerome Rickmann, Director of International Talent Acquisition, EBC Hochshule


EBC Hoshschule (EBC) wanted to increase and diversify the number of international students applying to study on its bachelors and masters programs. Being a German institution, all prospective students had to meet German higher education access requirements, such as holding qualifications of an equivalent standard to the German education system.  

Being a small institution, EBC decided that its main objective was to attract prospective student’s that matched their criteria, thereby enabling its admissions team to focus their resources and man power on high-quality applicants rather than a larger quantity of poorly matched prospective students.

Having heard of ISAS’s ability to accelerate international student enrolments through dedicated enquiry and screening services, EBC approached the experts for support.


ISAS deployed a marketing campaign to its database of international students to generate initial enquiries. The campaign operated across three main digital platforms, including:

  • Microsites: A profile with a bespoke enquiry form was built for EBC and hosted on ISAS’s network of education websites, such as and InternationalGraduate
  • Email marketing: Monthly email campaigns were distributed based on the most-probable personas of relevant students
  • Google PPC: EBC was set up with a Google PPC account based on the most probable search terms that their ideal applicant would be using to research international education opportunities, which was managed by the ISAS marketing experts.

Each enquiry generated was followed up by the ISAS admissions team within 24-48 hours, whereby the team screened the enquiry against the fundamental pre-application criteria, but most importantly, ensured that the student was eligible to study in Germany with their current academic qualifications.


Through the services of ISAS, EBC now feels confident in its future growth of international students studying at its institution. The admissions team successfully telephone screened 1,200 prospective students through its screening service.

To date, the campaign has delivered:

  • 60 qualified prospective students who are eligible to study at EBC
  • 3 of the 60 students were admitted to EBC
  • A further 8 students have completed their application to study at the university.

It has been a transformational relationship, moving EBC’s admissions team to a strategic international student recruitment approach that allows them to focus their time on high quality student applicants on top of their duties toward domestic student applicants.