The International Student Admissions Service (ISAS) helps education institutions across the globe increase international student prospects and enrolments, and diversify their existing student body for pre-university, bachelors, masters, MBA and study abroad students.

The International Student Admissions Service (ISASonline.org) empowers students across the globe through education.

How does it work for universities and colleges? Our team of international student marketing experts will create and deploy a tailored campaign on your behalf by using a mix of on and offline methods. This stage sets out to create awareness of your institution by exposing it to your target student audience.

Next, we generate enquiries for your institution by driving prospective students to your university profile on our network of international education websites (which are optimised for all leading search engines.) The student can fill out an enquiry form on your profile to demonstrate their interest.

These enquiries are then passed to our ISAS admissions team, located in Ecuador, so that they may screen students based on your course criteria. Typically in this first stage, enquiries are screened based on:

  • Current education level
  • Country of origin
  • Education
  • Desires to study abroad
  • Any other requirements set out by you

Upon completion of this, the student is assigned to a Senior Admissions Advisor where they will conduct an additional layer of screening for you. Here the admissions advisor and the student will discuss:

  • Funding status
  • Visa eligibility
  • Language scores
  • Any other requirements set out by you

The Senior Admissions Advisor will then match any relevant students to your university based on the type of programme the student wants to study and the country they desire to study it in. Once this is established, the advisor will work with the student, their family and your university to overcome any potential roadblocks to studying abroad. Our admissions team are all trained by ex-university admissions staff and so they understand the process perfectly.

Only when the student is in a position where they can apply are they passed to your university to convert into an application. Our ISAS advisors will be on hand throughout to offer guidance.

To further aid conversion, your university can be given access to its own ISAS CRM system, where you can keep track of all the prospects generated and begin your usual enrolment process.