At BigChoice Group we recruit ambitious people who love a challenge and are full of ideas. You will be friendly, hard working and resourceful with a practical vision of success.


Did you know that we spend roughly 2,080 hours a year in the office, I know... hard to swallow, isn't it? That's why Studee likes to keep our work-life balance just right. Our philosophy is simple; be the best at what we do but have fun doing it.

We believe that the people are the most important part of Studee. If you think that you have the perfect combination of ambition, adventure and cheer, or a method to your madness, then this is what we have to offer…

  • Trips to our Ecuadorian office
  • Trips to the theatre
  • Team lunches
  • And the simple things, like our lunchtime FIFA Tournaments and a company round of drinks with the CEO in the local pub.

Come work with us!

We're always looking for new talent to join our team.