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Having started out in 1999, some would say we’re still pretty young – but trust us, we’ve seen and experienced a lot in our time! From launching four new businesses under the Studee name to going international, there’s a lot to tell you about. Want to know more? Have a read about how it all began below...


Simon Andrews (the “big boss”) was fresh out of university and feeling pretty uninspired by the job opportunities available to him. Taking on the challenge, Simon decided to step up and create a portal dedicated purely to helping graduates find employment. He called it UKGraduate.co.uk.


Realising that the website had become less about being just a job advertising portal and more about helping graduates make important career decisions, Simon decided to relaunch the website with a new name. Here, TheBigChoice.com was born.


Simon employed his first employee! Let us introduce you to Alex Sweetman, our IT Director. If Alex was paid a penny for every time he asks someone whether they had “turned the machine on and off again” he’d probably be a millionaire.


A decade later, TheBigChoice.com gains a sister company, in the form of The National Student.com. At this point, Simon decides that the two need a parent and created BigChoiceGroup Ltd.


Studee merged and acquired SR Media Ltd. which took the company international.


Campus Media was launched, giving a face and a name to our on-campus experiential marketing campaigns. This is also the year that our education offerings became international, with the launch of ISASOnline.org.


Our international student admissions team just kept growing! We opened up our LatAm World Admissions office in Ecuador to ensure the service is available 24 hours a day, delivering advice and guidance to international students from all over the world.