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What students want from their first job


Campus Media reveal what makes a job opportunity appealing to students.

We asked more than 120 students to order career aspects in terms of how important they are in our recent research.

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Rather than stating that they wanted a high-flying salary and competitive bonus scheme, the top ranking answers all had a focus around progression, job satisfaction and a feel-good state of mind:

  • 57% said career progression was important
  • More than half of respondents were striving for job fulfilment
  • 48% wanted to ensure that they were given access to learning & development opportunities
  • 42% wanted a strong work/life balance
  • 38% of respondents wanted a fun work environment
  • 36% required that their first job be an ethical place to work
  • Less than one third of respondents valued a high salary the most.

Adding to these results, Campus Media and, chatted to six students to get a wider perspective on their views on employers.

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