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Campus Media launches its video series called: Students on...


Six of our brand ambassadors discuss their opinions about all aspects of life as a university student.

From politics to partying, Campus Media will be revealing the very honest opinions of students today through a new video series called ‘Students on...’, which will be hosted on YouTube and featured on the Campus Media blog.

The videos will follow the same format each week, with six students discussing their thoughts on a variety of topics. The series will be launching Thursday, 6th April 2017 and will continue throughout the rest of the year.

Six opinionated students volunteered to take part in the discussion panel – all of which are currently studying for a degree at university. Campus Media launched the video series with the objective of providing brands, employers and education providers with raw, authentic insight into the mindset of students in 2017.

Simon Lucey, Head of Youth Engagement at Campus Media, says: “The series will give the marketing industry a refreshing and entertaining way to gather information about university students. This is a market that often gets misunderstood by older generations and stigmatised with outdated stereotypes. We wanted to challenge those existing perceptions in this video series which sees six of our students have honest discussions about a variety of popular topics among students.”

The video series will have eight parts and run until the end of 2017. Topics include:

  • Brexit
  • Travel
  • Eating habits
  • President Trump
  • Degrees
  • Employers
  • Spending habits
  • Social media dependence

 You can subscribe to the new Campus Media YouTube channel here and follow the videos.