Capital One

Capital One required the support of a recruitment marketing specialist that had access to confident, well-connected and reliable student brand ambassadors to talk about its graduate schemes to other students.


Capital One is a credit card service company, headquartered in Nottingham.

Looking to increase its positioning on campus as a top graduate employer, Capital One ran a multi-faceted campaign targeting top universities to drive high-impact engagement from students with its career opportunities.

Capital One set out to partner with a graduate recruitment marketing specialist with strong links to the student market and the logistical knowledge to deliver maximum exposure of the business on campus.

Campus Media worked closely with Capital One to deploy a bespoke, creative campaign to raise awareness of the brand as a graduate employer.



The overall objective was to increase awareness of Capital One graduate schemes at six key universities across the UK.

The short term objective was to increase visits to careers fairs on the six campuses.



Campus Media’s strategy was to connect directly with students through a high-exposure promotional drive on campus.

A flyer and poster campaign was deployed using Campus Media’s network of student brand ambassadors (Campus Media Crew) at six target universities:

  • Oxford
  • Cambridge
  • Nottingham
  • Warwick
  • Loughborough
  • York

Campus Media’s strong relationships with marketing departments and careers departments on campus allowed the activity to be officially deployed in high footfall areas.

For further impact, a creative solution was developed in conjunction with AIA Worldwide. Campus Media Crew placed branded, promotional, bike seat covers in Oxford and Cambridge, utilising the large number of student cyclists in the city to combine branding with a practical offering for the demographic.

Peer-led interaction and engagement was driven on all campuses by Campus Media’s network of social media influencers in order to create conversation among the student population about the presentation and the brand in general.

A digital element, including a six-month job posting and employer profiles, was added in support of this activity.



The promotional drive on campus actively engaged the Capital One brand with thousands of students, increasing brand awareness on all key sites.

An increase in stall visits was achieved at all key sites.

The campaign successfully delivered:

  • 4,200 flyers hand-delivered directly to students
  • 210 posters placed in high-footfall campus areas
  • 1,400 bike seat covers placed onto bikes in Oxford and Cambridge