How To Market To Students

Event Marketing Tips & Ideas

Here are Campus Media's top ten tips to help you get the most out of your marketing activity during your on-campus campaigns.

We live in an era where every moment that we experience can be captured, filtered and promoted across a variety of social media platforms. The fear of missing out for students has spiralled, meaning experiential marketing has never been so relevant for companies looking to engage with them.


Here are Campus Media’s top ten tips to help you get the most out of your experiential campaigns:


Tip 1 – Do your research

It can be difficult picking a new supplier that has the resources, experience and expertise that you need to make a mind-blowing student campaign. Once you’ve got a list of agencies, have a look at who they work with and ask to see previous campaigns that they’ve created. What makes them better than the rest?


Tip 2 – Check the student calendar

It seems obvious, but when scheduling in your student marketing campaigns, don’t forget to make sure the campus is going to be busy! When will the most students be on-campus and where? Planning your campaign for the right place at the right time will ensure results.


Tip 3 – Who is your audience?

You need to be clear about this from the offset. Create personas for who you are targeting. What are the needs and concerns of that student at that time? This will help you create a campaign that will be well-received by your audience, not ignored for being irrelevant.


Tip 4 – Make friends with the universities

Knowing who is in charge of what on-campus and building a good relationship with them will make setting up your on-campus campaigns so much simpler.


Tip 5 – Geo-target

The leisure/entertainment industry is often constrained by geography - realistically people aren’t going to cross the country to go to the cinema so you’ll need to factor this into your marketing.


Tip 6 – Take a holistic approach to marketing

Make sure that your marketing includes multiple touch points to engage with the student.  Think about what platforms you need to cover to be where your student customers are.


Tip 7 – Build hype beforehand

Don’t just turn up on location and expect everything to be a success! Use social media, email and text message to let people know where you’ll be, what you’re doing and when.


Tip 8 – Offer incentives

Student life is about being frugal. Offer discounts or freebies in order to entice them to engage with your activities rather than your competitors.


Tip 9 – Encourage social chatter

The great thing about targeting students is that they are super connected. Across all of their social media platforms, they are likely to have thousands of connections. If you can get them speaking about your brand then it becomes an extremely powerful and cost-effective way of spreading your marketing messages.


Tip 10 – Don’t forget the value of peer-to-peer

Using student brand ambassadors such as our Campus Media Crew, to highlight the features of your product or service is a lot more effective than a sales person who they can’t relate to.


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