Student Advertising Case Studies

Pro Plus

PRO PLUS approached The National Student and Campus Media for a student marketing campaign package to promote their new Facebook page, ProZone.

What the client thought:

“We have been working with The National Student and Campus Media since 2014 on organising on-campus activation for our brand PRO PLUS, targeting students who need “that little kick” during revision & exam times. The team have been extremely flexible throughout and proactively offered ideas with true ownership and commitment. We have been extremely delighted with the results achieved and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who effectively wants to reach critical amount of students.”

- Bernadett Khan-Gonda, Brand Manager, PRO PLUS


PRO PLUS provides its customers with a caffeine kick that can relieve the symptoms of fatigue and tiredness. The business operates under strict industry rules about what promotion activity it can carry out for its caffeine product.


PRO PLUS wanted to implement a strategic marketing strategy that would have a long-term ROI rather than running a series of marketing gimmicks that result in a short-term spike in sales and then a dip again.

The business was keen to attract new students (while still retaining its existing student customers) to the PRO PLUS brand, as well as increase their understanding of the products key messages and benefits.

As part of its new strategy, PRO PLUS launched its first Facebook page, the ProZone, where the brand acts as a mentor to help students achieve their best at university.

The business needed a student marketing expert with the correct resources and proven experience to run a campaign that could meet the above challenges as well as encourage students to engage with the ProZone Facebook page.

Based on these requirements and having previously worked together, PRO PLUS asked The National Student to develop and deliver a fun and effective student marketing campaign.


A competition was initiated to help drive students to the ProZone Facebook page. Students were required to visit the page and post one sentence about what they believe makes a Pro Student in order to win a selection of quirky prices. The National Student advised PRO PLUS on what prizes to offer based on the feedback recieved from a student focus group it held especially for the campaign.

Prizes included:

  • Their favourite takeaway once a week for a full term
  • A cleaner to tidy their accomodation once a week for a full term
  • Money towards their weekly food shop for a full term
  • Somebody to do their laundry once a week for a full term

The National Student worked with Campus Media, its sister company which specialises in experiential student marketing campaigns, to recruit 14 of its brand ambassadors (known as Campus Media Crew) to deploy on-campus activity. Campus Media therefore managed a series of on-campus student marketing campaigns in seven locations, including: The University of Edinburgh, The University of Birmingham, Imperial College London, The University of Leeds, The University of Liverpool, London School of Economics and The University of Sheffield.

Brand ambassadors visited high footfall areas of the university campuses and distributed 7,000 flyers to the target market promoting the ProZone competition. Photos were taken of students posing with the flyers and posted on Twitter, along with a fun and catchy tweet about the campus activity using specified hashtags.

Other marketing activity carried out included:

  • Social seeding: brand ambassadors engaged with other students through Facebook
  • Email marketing: targeting thousands of student emails from a trusted source
  • Published content on The National Student website. 


Students reacted positively to the marketing activity and were particularly impressed with the competition prizes.

Student brand engagement was much greater than PRO PLUS anticipated with its Facebook page, the ProZone, growing from 0 to more than 5,700 ‘likes’ in a three month period.