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A Year in the Life of a Student


An overview of the student year for brands.

Clothing brands don’t advertise woolly jumpers in summer because it isn’t relevant. Similarly, brands attempting to engage with students need to be aware of what’s at the forefront of their minds. There’s a simple and effective way to do this - become savvy with the student calendar.

Thus, we present to you: A Year in the Life of a Student

September: Freshers

The franticness of Freshers’ week descends upon Universities nationwide. New students are signing up to a bunch of new clubs, they’re open minded and thinking “maybe I DO have an unearthed passion for scuba diving!”

It’s a heavy month of opening club nights, society socials and finding their footing with a new academic timetable.

October:  Recovery

Things settle down, slightly, and the student loan is sitting heavy in the bank account. Cue an abundance of student-only shopping events and exclusive online discounts.

November: Catch-up

Students have their reading week to catch up with the backlog of work that has built up since September. For a few others, it’s time to graduate and move on to pastures new.

December: Christmas

Most Universities finish teaching a couple of weeks before Christmas, which means the celebrations begin early on campus and there’s a whole ho-ho-host of events.

It is also when many students start thinking about which friends they can live without (and live with!) in anticipation of the accommodation fairs next month.

January: Exams

Exam panic spreads like wildfire and students flock to the library. The second student loan instalment is eagerly awaited in order to fuel the studying sessions with high-quality snacks.

Some people adopt a plant-based diet for Veganuary, whilst others swear off alcohol and go teetotal for Dry January.

Either way, it’s a time for change and some long library shifts.

February: Planning

February sees the second wave of graduation ceremonies and there is also another reading week for many Universities. With only one set of exams left to go, students begin to consider their summer plans with many seeking placements and job opportunities.

March: Sport

Varsity season brings a lot of excitement to campuses as University sports teams tackle, bat and kick their way to the title of Sporting Champions. Then students have a spring in their step because there are no lectures or seminars for four weeks. Happy days!

April:  Easter

April marks the beginning of the summer term. Spirits are high and students are full of hope – there’s still one more chance for a miraculous grade turnaround if it’s needed.

There is another student loan payment to enjoy and RAG (Raise and giving) weeks encourage charitable spirits on campus.

May: Hectic

Summer balls typically take place in May and revision period begins because the final exams are fast approaching. It is a time of serious celebrations and serious study, which means that May is quite a whirlwind month for students.

June: End of academic year

The pressure is on as the summer term officially ends and the promise of a long holiday looms on the horizon - just beyond the dreaded exams. The excitement is palpable as students prepare for summer and festival season begins, but there’s also an air of sadness as final year students are saying their farewells.

July: Moving out/moving on

It is moving season for many students as accommodation contracts come to an end and their stuff needs to be shifted. At the same time, prospective University students are checking out their housing options.

Graduation ceremonies take place for the typical September-June students. After this, the reality of completing University really sinks in and the job hunt takes priority for the wave of new graduates.

August: Prepping

The fate of new students is sealed with the release of A-level results.  Their accommodation plans are being confirmed and the IKEA trips are well underway.


This is a brief overview of a student calendar. For a more detailed plan of the year please see The National Students’ 2017-2018 timeline