How To Advertise To Students

Tips & Advice On Building Your Own Online Community

Here are The National Student's top ten tips to building your own online student community, for more effective online marketing.

It’s important to build an online community in today’s marketing world as students become more and more digitally astute. Having one is a powerful and highly effective way to get your audience to engage with your brand.

Here are The National Student’s top ten tips to building your online community:


Tip 1 – Start with a plan

There really is no need to rush. You will need a plan to get students to buy into your community. Begin by understanding what you want to achieve. Know who you want to market to and when you want to market to them.


Tip 2 – Be relevant

Provide content that actually matters. The more engaging and valuable the content you provide to your users, the more they will want to interact with you.


Tip 3 – Use a variety of platforms

Combine publishing platforms with social media and email channels to hit different segments of your target audience.


Tip 4 – It’s not all about you!

Marketing online is no longer a one way street; it is a conversation, to share content and ideas by other relevant people and organisations.


Tip 5 – Make your content easy to share

If you make your content relatable or can hit the spot with a simple idea then your readers will want to share it with their peers. But if they can’t see an easy way to do it, they won’t bother! Add in social media icons that makes this process quick and simple.


Tip 6 – Be part of the conversation

If people comment or ask questions on your content make sure you respond! Answer the queries and have a conversation. This is a really effective way of building engagement with your community.


Tip 7 – Don’t censor

At some point, whether justified or not, you will receive criticism online. Firstly, don’t let this get you down or get defensive, and deleting the comment should be the last thing you do. Instead, treat this as an opportunity to engage with that person and improve their experience. Solve the issue in a professional and courteous way publicly, and others in your community will recognise that quick customer service.


Tip 8 – Don’t let it fizzle out

Building an online community takes dedication and it’s not just about building up the numbers. Make sure you keep engaging with those who have shown an interest in you. Make it easy for them to sign up to receive emails from you and follow your social media channels. These options need to be instantly visible and easily accessible.


Tip 9 – Make yourself available as an expert

Be available to provide comment or content to other relevant media or organisations. This will act as brilliant exposure and build your reputation outside of your immediate community.


Tip 10 – Access other communities

The National Student has built the go-to platform that lets today’s student writers create epic content and interact with their peers. And what’s even better, is that our writers want to write about you too.


To speak to The National Student and start aligning your brand with our digital community, get in touch with our team today.