Student & Graduate Recruitment - Best Practices

Tips & Advice On Recruiting Online - Student & Graduates

Here are’s top ten tips to help use digital marketing platforms to recruit the best talent.

With businesses being only as good as the people who work there, recruiters are fully-aware that they need to harness the digital playground in order to find the freshest young talent.

Here are’s top ten tips to help your digital recruitment strategy:


Tip 1 – Have everything applicants need on your site

Make sure that your recruitment process is simple and easy to follow. This includes clear navigation of where to apply as well as details about the role, such as potential training and development, salary details and information on the working environment.


Tip 2 – Be friendly across all devices

A student might first spot your job opportunity on an email, which they read on their mobile phone. They might click to learn more about it (still on their mobile phone) but then actually apply for the position on a laptop. Make sure you’re opportunities are compatible across all of these devices so the application journey is seamless.


Tip 3 – Make the application process simple

Don’t lead applicants as far as wanting to submit an application and then make it difficult to do so. All your careers content should have a clear and easy route to apply. For example, online forms work well to submit a CV.


Tip 4 – Develop useful user bases to market to

Create an easy option for people to sign up to receive your newsletters and gather the details of job seekers who have already applied to your opportunities. With the right information, you can create different demographics based on potential applicant’s interest.


Tip 5 – Remember the key influencers

Don’t limit your email targeting list to students. Careers officers and faculty members have a lot of interest in helping their students get jobs. If you provide them with the right information and resources, it’s likely that they will pass it on to the relevant students. 


Tip 6 – Use niche job boards and portals

Use established and respected job boards for the demographic you are targeting. Certain websites will have dedicated sections to a particular demographic, or target one demographic entirely, making recruitment strategies more focused.


Tip 7 - Make your site optimised for search engines

Ensure that your website can be found through organic searches. Think about what students and graduates will be typing into Google and other search engines. For example, they might try out ‘Accountancy jobs, Manchester’.


Tip 8 – Ensure you’re actively telling the right candidates about your opportunities

Make sure your opportunities are being told directly to young talent that fits your recruitment criteria. Email marketing remains the most effective communication method for students and graduates.


Tip 9 – Go social

Use social media platforms to create a community around your company and opportunities. This will feed into building a more positive brand message around your company and put you directly into conversations around careers.


Tip 10 – Tell stories

Content marketing doesn’t just need to focus on your prospective customers and clients. Another key audience that you shouldn’t forget about is prospective employees, especially in an industry where talent acquisition is competitive. You could use existing staff to talk about their experiences with your company and what they do in their day-to-day role. It’s also a great way to share your successes.


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