Looking to increase its reputation as a graduate employer and promote its graduate schemes, Morrisons chose TheBigChoice.com to supply services for its recruitment drive.


Looking to increase its reputation as a graduate employer and to target the best youth talent with its graduate schemes, supermarket retailer Morrisons chose TheBigchoice.com to supply services to aid their recruitment drive. 


The overall objective of the campaign was to drive applicants to Morrisons Retail, HR and Supply Chain graduate schemes. An overreaching objective of all activity was to increase the general visibility of the retailer as a graduate employer amongst students and graduates.


TheBigChoice.com created a focused campaign across its site, which included:

  • Enhanced employer profile
  • Three job listings
  • Targeted emails
  • Promotion on the Graduate Newsletter
  • Display advertising – appearing on all graduate focused pages on the site

A further 10 job listings were tied into Morrisons’ company profile to achieve the second objective.

To promote the retailer's opportunities and reputation, Morrison’s opted to be part of TheBigChoice.com's Graduate Careers Guide. Sponsoring the sector guide to the Supply Chain industry, Morrisons ran a case study and job advert in this valuable resource.


TheBigChoice.com’s campaign for Morrisons delivered:

  • Over 1.2million impressions/opens
  • 1,891 direct clicks