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PRESS RELEASES hosts Choices Week 2016
2016-01-27 is pleased to announce that it will be publishing more expert advice and real-life case studies on its website as part of its launch of Choices Week.


The week will cover how young people can equip themselves with the correct skills to pursue the career they want, as well as finding a career that suits their needs.

All content produced by will help ease the concerns of young people and answer the questions that they need to consider when thinking about their future, including:

  • Choosing not to go to university: school leaver schemes, BTECs and other professional qualifications;
  • Choosing to go to university: A-levels options, university options and unusual degrees to study in London;
  • Graduate career choices: choosing an industry to work in;
  • Postgraduate course choices: funding your studies, choosing a course and options after a postgraduate degree;
  • Thinking like an entrepreneur: live twitter Q&A with University College London School of Management Professor, Chris Coleridge.

Each day will see new case studies published and advice is being contributed by top organisations including BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, Engineering UK and The National Skills Academy for Financial Services.

James Thornhill is the Head of Communications at BigChoice Group and explains the reasoning behind the launch of Choice Week 2016:

"In our competitive job market there are more factors to take into account when considering education and career choices than ever before. Choices Week 2016 aims to cut through the noise and help young people find the expert advice they need to help them make the right career decisions. We're working with employers, professional bodies and young people who have just started in various jobs to help answer the important questions that people struggle with when deciding what to do."

For information about Choices Week please contact or call James Thornhill, Lucy Miller or Anna Hammond on 020 7840 2984.