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The National Student Magazine Hits University Campuses

The Identity Issue tackles important student issues and showcases the best of student media.

The latest issue of The National Student magazine, called The Identity Issue, has today hit university campuses across the United Kingdom to coincide with Freshers Week. The theme aims to help newly enrolled students adjust to the university lifestyle from the very first moment they step on campus.  

Need to know:

  • The Identity Issue is being hand-delivered by student brand ambassadors on 50 university campuses across the country during the Freshers Week periods
  • Staying true to The National Student’s core values, all content included within the 68 pages of the magazine has been created by 35 student writers and photographers
  • The magazine is ad-funded which allows the issue to be totally free to its student readers.

Inside The Identity Issue:

Grace Victory, a body-positive YouTuber who has affectionately become known as “the internet’s big sister” is featuring on the magazine’s front cover. Grace has over 23 million total views to date on her YouTube channel and blogs. Her mission is to encourage students to “embrace their power” – a powerful theme that runs throughout The Identity Issue.

The National Student features a range of additional exclusive interviews with inspirational public figures that have gone against expectations, conquered their fears and reached new heights in their lives or careers. Detroit and Star Wars star John Boyega discusses race, police brutality and working with Kathryn Bigelow while Britain’s first openly Muslim Drag Queen talks to one of our writers about Trans-identity, Islamophobia and why more gaysians need to speak up.

Many of The National Student’s usual features make an appearance in the issue, with the magazine being evenly split into six sections: advice, opinion, life, community, culture and travel. The “identity” student photography section is a real highlight in the issue, showcasing a small selection of creative work that was submitted by students through an open call. Further focal points include round-ups of the best music and films, plus a depiction of undiscovered student travel spots such as the Philippines.

Lucy Miller, Senior Editor of The National Student said“Freshers week and the first term of university is a time when students – whether they’re new or have already been on campus two or three years – naturally find themselves questioning their future and the people that they are becoming. Identity is a huge part of this, which is why we chose this as the theme for this issue.

“We have included life advice and words of wisdom from as many different perspectives as possible in the magazine, all in the hope of providing a voice that guides and supports students in their next steps.”

The National Student employed student brand ambassadors, provided by Campus Media, to hand-deliver the 30,000 copies of the magazine to their peers at prime locations on campus. The brand ambassadors and student contributors are also promoting the magazine on their social media channels to drive further awareness of where to pick up a copy on their campus.

A digital version of the magazine launched within The National Student website here or readers can follow this link to view a copy: 


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