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Introducing the new BigChoice Group

We are excited to announce the release of the BigChoice Group new brand.

Introducing the new BigChoice Group

Today marks the next exciting phase in the BigChoice Group journey as we launch our newly restructured brand. After many years of BigChoice Group serving us well as our client-facing company, it is now time for it to take a step back to allow for each of our student brands to take a lead in representing themselves.

Whilst historically it made sense to have all of our brands under the BigChoice Group umbrella, the decision has now been made to split them up. This will provide better operational control for our respective brands and result in a more streamlined and bespoke service for our business clients.

The BigChoice Group brands include:

  • recruitment: the youth careers network that connects school leavers, university students and graduates to employers;
  • education: the education portal that connects members to learning opportunities within the UK;
  • Campus Media: the experiential marketing service that takes award-winning student marketing campaigns to campuses across the UK;
  • The National Student: the publication that allows its student contributors to gain valuable experience in media while reaching one of the biggest student audiences in the UK;
  • International Student Admissions Service: the free service that helps young people wishing to study abroad find a course that fits their needs.

It was felt that we were ready for this change as each of the businesses have grown tremendously in their fields in both the UK and internationally.


Behind the brand:

Our mission has always been to empower young people and prepare them for tomorrow’s big choices. We strive to help these young people invest in themselves and fulfil their potential. We want their decisions to be made easier with regards to:

  • Careers
  • Domestic education
  • International education
  • Lifestyle

We do it because of who we are — we’re made up of student marketing experts who can empathise with young people about the difficulty and pressures felt when making important choices about their future. It also uniquely positions us to advise our clients in the best way possible so that they can reach their business goals and objectives.

It’s this knowledge and passion that shapes the way we work; fast-paced, open-minded, highly collaborate, genuine and relentless in delivering an exceptional service to all of our student members and customer groups.


Our values:

We wanted a brand that reflected our core internal values too:

  • Teamwork: working towards a common end goal
  • Structure: having a plan in getting there
  • Respect: enjoying working with the people you work with
  • Recognition: achievements, contribution and acknowledgement
  • Work-life balance: energy and happiness
  • Development: being creative and always learning

It’s a tough task for sure! You’ll see that all of our brand colours have become more prominent, and our fonts and tone-of-voice have ‘softened’ to mirror our friendly company culture.


New websites:

Four of our websites have also been recently treated to a new design with slicker functionality:

  • the website launches an education portal to complement its already established careers network. Parents and careers advisors have also been acknowledged within the new site with their own hub. This is because these stakeholders tend to play a key supporting role in young people’s education and career path decisions;
  • The National Student: several new features have been added to the website with the aim of making branded content a more central part of the popular site. The publication has also launched a student contributor programme that opens up opportunities to new talent in all forms of media – bloggers, vloggers, artists and photographers as well as journalists;
  • Campus Media: taking design inspiration from what our student members told us were their favourite clothing brands. We also made our student brand ambassadors the focus on the site;
  • International Student Admissions Service (ISAS): the logo was recently refreshed, keeping its distinctive brand colours of blue and black but dropping its emphasise of being online due to a large amount of its service taking place offline too.  


Time to celebrate!

BigChoice Group are hosting a launch party on Thursday 13th October, at Barrio East Shoreditch, for a night of free cocktails, tapas and celebrating – and we would love all of our clients to join us!

Visit here to register your interest.