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Introducing the ISAS International Education Report 2016

ISAS publishes it's latest insights today into how universitites and colleges can increase their international student prospect pool.

ISAS, empowered by BigChoice Group, the international student recruitment specialist, is pleased to announce that it has published its latest research into how universities and colleges can 'increase their international student prospect pool'. The international student recruitment report includes 1,155 responses from students currently researching higher education options abroad.

To collect the results, the international student admission's team spent a month phone interviewing students who were enquiring about opportunities to study overseas through the International Student Admissions Service ( service empowers students to make the best education choices. It also acts as a complete tool for universities to attract, filter and enrol high quality international student applicants.

The specialist team asked questions about how the international students research for higher education opportunities abroad, and what they felt would make the process easier. ISAS was then able to use the answers to identify what marketing techniques should be prioritised by universities and colleges in order to increase their international student propect pool.

The report highlights several 2016 international student recruitment trends, including:

  • 64% of international students are looking to study abroad more than a year in advance of enrolment 
  • Around a quarter of your prospects will not be able to visit their top university choices 
  • More than a third of universities and colleges don't reach out to prospective international students through online communication methods and around two thirds don't reach out to prospective international students through offline methods either 
  • Email marketing is still the dominating communication channel 
  • Search engines are the most popular method for international students to research where and what to study 
  • Financial aid needs to be more transparent on university and college websites 
  • Universities and colleges should always take into account that parents have a strong influence in an international student's enrolment decision.


To read the full report, click here.