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BigChoice Group staff spend Leap Day giving back to their communities

The Your Free Day campaign, dreamt up by service communications experts soh, encouraged employers to allow their staff to spend the 2016 Leap Day giving back rather than working.

BigChoice Group’s Events Co-Ordinator Bianca Sabatini spent the day volunteering at Variety, the children’s charity, organising logistics and decorations for an upcoming fundraising event, whilst Editorial Content Manager Lucy Miller used the day to help out at the Baytree Centre, an education provider for girls aged 10-19 based close to BigChoice’s South London offices. 

Variety is a charity that raises funds for sick, disabled and disadvantaged children. The charity was founded inPittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1927, and its London offices are located in Camden in North London.

Lucy’s time at Brixton’s Baytree Centre was spent organising education resources and leading a Mexican cookery class with a group of girls that visited the centre after school.

The goodwill stretched to BigChoice Group’s overseas office, too – staff members from our Latin America Admissions Centre in Guayaquil, Ecuador, spent the morning volunteering at Damien’s House, a residential hospital in Guayaquil.

Damien’s House provides care and help dispel the stigma of those affected by Hansen's Disease (also known as leprosy). Running on private donations, the centre provides round the clock care for 30 in-house residents and free medical care for over 700 outpatients.

The patients living at Damien's House are unable to live independently due to complications from the disease, or because the stigma prevents them from returning home.

The members of the International Admissions team shared their morning with the in-house patients, organising activities including Bingo games and domino tournaments.

Imagery was shared on social media throughout the day, under the hashtag #YourFreeDay.

BigChoice Group’s CEO and Founder Simon Andrews says: “As we grow as a company, BigChoice Group is committed to increasing opportunities for our staff to give back to their communities – whether that’s at our Group headquarters in London or at our Latin America Admissions Centre in Ecuador.

“I’m proud that BigChoice Group was involved in the Your Free Day campaign this year, and hope that both the staff that volunteered and the charities and organisations that they gave their time to benefited from the opportunity.”

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