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The Number Of International Students Wishing To Study in Canada Has Surged Since May 2017


ISAS survey reveals that Canada is a study abroad trend among students.

International Student Admissions Service (ISAS) today reports a significant increase in the number of students actively seeking an international education in Canada based on findings from our most recent survey.

We conducted a survey into where students from across the globe most wanted to gain an international education. The results found that 62% of 1,700 respondents listed Canada as their first choice, compared to 27% of respondents during a similar survey carried out by ISAS during the months of April and May 2017, called Global Trends in International Student Recruitment 2017.


Key findings include:

Respondents revealed their reasons for Canada being the most attractive country to study in for international students

Top five reasons:

  1. High academic rankings
  2. Plenty of job opportunities after they graduate
  3. Safe and secure environment
  4. Vibrant cultural life
  5. It’s geographical beauty

Other motivations provided by respondents for wanting to study in Canada included the nations “welcoming nature” and their rapidly developing economy. Others simply wanted to follow in the footsteps of relatives already living there.


African countries showed most interest in Canada

African countries remained the top region for students interested in studying abroad, in particular Nigeria, accounting for 399 students, or 23% of the total, followed by India, which accounted for 11% (down from 13%) of international students wishing to study in Canada.


Despite the rise in its popularity, the majority of students would still require financial aid to study there

80% of the respondents revealed that they would require financial support in order to study in Canada. This further emphasises the need for international universities to offer complete transparency with regards to their university and admission fees.  


Where were the next most popular destinations on the list?

The survey showed the second most desired international education destination choice to be the United States of America, with 37% of respondents stating they wanted to study there (up from 22%). Europe was next popular at 14% – particularly the United Kingdom and Germany.


According to Stephanie Lord, International Student Recruitment Officer at University of New Brunswick, the growth in interest is due to “more and more students discovering the opportunities and advantages to studying in Canada.” Stephanie continued, “Canada is proud to offer an affordable, quality education in a welcoming and safe environment where students from across the globe can thrive both academically and personally.”

Luke Turnell, Managing Director of ISAS, gave further comment to the surge. He said, “Canadian universities have always had a reputation for delivering quality higher education programs. They are now also maximising the opportunity to promote the quality of life that Canada can offer, coupled with the Government’s support with education-to-work and residency visas. The positive impact this message is having is clearly reflected in the results of our survey.”


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