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Student Marketing - Tips On How to Write an Effective Email

Here are’s top 10 tips to writing an effective marketing email for students looking for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

With the magnitude of communication channels continuously growing, it can be easy for universities and colleges to sideline email marketing as a way to engage with prospective students. But email marketing remains one of the most direct and effective ways to drive awareness of your course offerings to the most relevant audience.

Here are’s top 10 tips to creating an effective email marketing campaign to target prospective students: 


Tip 1 – Know what you want to achieve

This might sound obvious, but you need to have a clear idea of who you want to target and how you want them to respond. The clearer and more detailed you have set this out, the easier it will be to plan your email copy.


Tip 2 – Keep it snappy

Make sure your email isn’t too wordy. Keep it to the point and interesting to the course seeker. 


Tip 3 – Tell them what you want them to do

Have a clear call-to-action and links to find out more information about your courses and what they involve.


Tip 4 – It’s not all about you!

Make your email less about yourself and more about how the course seeker will benefit from studying with you.


Tip 5 – Get your subject line right

Pique their interest. If you lose them on the subject line you’ve lost them for good. Lead with the benefit to the course seeker and make it short and direct.


Tip 6 – Make your email personal to each student

Don’t talk to the group of prospective students as a whole, address the course seeker individually.


Tip 7 – Ask questions that the student will need to answer

This gets the prospective student thinking about their options. Questions like ‘do you have the skills to be the next great app developer?’ can get them thinking before they see what your course has to offer in the rest of the email.


Tip 8 – Be creative

No one wants to read a boring email! Use images to make it more visually appealing and represent your university or college identity through the tone of language you use.


Tip 9 – Make sure you send text and html versions

Don’t overlook the importance of optimising your email for the different mobile devices your target audience may use. Failure to also send text versions means many prospective students will not be able to see your email.


Tip 10 – Bigger is not always better

Emailing a huge mailing list isn’t an effective marketing tactic. Course seekers will appreciate your emails much more if they are relevant to them - and you cannot have a tailored message for a vast group of people.

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